Lyrics to "The Man on the Porch"

There lives a man
In the middle of nowhere -

Dry wind blows across the arid land.
A wooden house.
Battered and beaten -
A spirit to match.

There he sits, always looking out.
He seems.. distant,
A shell of his former self.
No one knows his story -
Not a single soul able to reach him.
Questions unanswered.

There are rumors of course:
A man chased out by unfortunate circumstance,
A girl in the woods,
Battered and bruised -
Accused of the misdeed.

Some say it was the war.
A man backed into a corner by those he fought for,
Driven mad, into desolation.

Others say he once loved -
A tragic accident that befell his beloved.

Each day, a new story.
Nothing joyous.
Just a man, now seemingly molded by fear, grief, and anger.

No matter the time,
No matter the day,
There will always be
The man who sits on his porch.