The FloodShark - new double album, Another William Blake

Another William Blake - 9.14.2018

Releases and Updates

"Sentimental Shark" and music video released

"Kai" music video released

"On Some Nearby Beach" & alligator graphic design time-lapse released

"Come Waves" music video released

"Las Luces" single and music visualizer released

Another William Blake double album released


Enter The FloodShark - originally growing up in Saudi Arabia, a Florida-based producer/composer turned digital, cartilaginous thresher surfing the sonic waves with an eclectic musical style. The Shark's new LP, Another William Blake, released Friday, September 14th, spans 18 tracks across 110+ minutes.

The new LP features a healthy dose of vivacious Van Morrison samples, William Blake poetry performed by professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha (One Piece, Dragon Ball Super), and a suite of eclectic compositions with influences from ambient electronic to Western classical, woven together by this digital shark. The album alludes to the works of William Blake, the acclaimed English poet and painter, whom the shark shares a human name with. Musical themes include lost love, the process of growth, and ultimately, decay.

Las Luces EPK: Google Drive

Another William Blake EPK: Google Drive

Important Dates

04/12/2018 - "Sentimental Shark" single and music video

05/21/2018 - "Kai" music video

07/13/2018 - "Come Waves" music video

09/07/2018 - "Las Luces" release & visualizer

09/14/2018 - Another William Blake album release


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Another William Blake LP Stream

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