The FloodShark - new album Sick Shark

Sick Shark - 10.30.2020


The FloodShark - An enigmatic producer/composer turned digital, cartilaginous thresher surfing the sonic waves with an eclectic musical style. After spending its first 8 years in Saudi Arabia, followed by the next 10 in coastal Virginia, the Shark's taken residency along the continental shelf of Colombia.

Sick Shark - A new LP born from the pain that is 2020. Composed and produced in its entirety amid months of strict quarantines in Bogotá, Colombia. Black lives matter and power to the people. Stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Sick Shark

The following EPK download contains album art, gifs, music videos, and the full Sick Shark LP in a range of file formats. The folders and files can be freely downloaded together or separately.

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