The FloodShark - new single "I Don't Know, Ya Know?"

Sick Shark - 04.25.2021


The FloodShark - An enigmatic producer/composer turned digital, cartilaginous thresher surfing the sonic waves with an eclectic musical style. After spending its first 8 years in Saudi Arabia, followed by the next 10 in coastal Virginia, the Shark's taken residency along the continental shelf of Colombia.

"I Don't Know, Ya Know?" - A new single born from love. Composed and produced in its entirety amid months of strict quarantines in Bogotá, Colombia. Because I just don't know, ya know?

"I Don't Know, Ya Know?"

The following EPK download contains album art, gifs, music videos, and the full Sick Shark LP in a variety of formats. Files can be freely downloaded together or separately.

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